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  • Bordado Hooded Robe (FEEL GOOD DO GOOD)

    Environmental fabric design saves energy, water and space. With a hood, this robed is trimmed in Millennial grey, softly luxurious, lightweight and thirsty. Wrap yourself in lightened luxury.

    FEEL GOOD DO GOOD – with every purchase of a bathrobe from The Madison Collection, you gift one ceramic water filter to one family Haitian Or Dominican family – providing 5+ years of safe drinking and cooking water. Wrap yourself in positive luxury that feels and does good.

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  • Pach Tote

    Designer felt tote bag made of natural material
    using 100% merino wool, joined together with wooden sticks,
    and 100% cotton straps. This bag comes in a wide range of colors.
    All the products are made by hand in Israel.

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