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Marrakesh is a community for sustainable living through clothing, accessories and home decor.

Marrakesh is a global marketplace empowering ethical and sustainable brands, from all corners of the world, to sell directly to like-minded customers. In a world where fast fashion dominates, it is our mission to give slow fashion a voice. Unlike other marketplaces, Marrakesh is exclusively for stylish ethical and sustainable merchandise. Marrakesh enables you to access the best eco-fashion around the globe, straight from the source.

We are named after the Marrakesh Agreement of 1994, where 124 nations came together in Morocco to form what is now the WTO (world trade organization). This agreement was meant to achieve greater equity and transparency in global trade, especially pertaining to agriculture and textiles.

It is our dream to continue this mission for global equity through textiles and fashion. With our global platform, we are empowering slow fashion makers everywhere, and by bringing all of the customers and brands who care to the same place, our initiatives become amplified. We are all united by the fabric on our back, and together we can make a difference.