Community Guidelines


Eco-Conscious Marketplace

Marrakesh is an online marketplace dedicated to providing the accessibility of eco-friendly fashion, accessories, beauty products, home decor, and more. With our community-based marketplace, we aim to change the way people shop and create products. Our platform promotes transparency and the ability for consumers to connect directly with the makers of high quality, eco conscious products.

We support entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, which are taking the initiative to be the change they want to see in the world. Collectively, our individual steps towards a more sustainable planet are amplified through Marrakesh. Together, we are building an ever-growing community working towards improving our relations with one another and the environment.

Marrakesh is committed to creating transparency in fashion and preventing greenwashing. As such, Marrakesh requires all sellers to provide transparency and full disclosure about their products.

To encourage transparency, Marrakesh has created the eco-benefit system to help sellers explain how their products are eco-friendly. Every product listed on the site must adhere to at least one of these eco-benefits accompanied by an explanation of how each tag applies to that specific product. Without the eco-benefit and explanations for each eco benefit sellers may get flagged.

Marrakesh relies on buyers and the community to flag any products or shops that may not be in accordance with our eco standards.

All products listed on Marrakesh must be eco-friendly. For more information on how the Marrakesh community defines eco-friendly please visit our eco-benefit section here.

Transparency and sustainability are core values of the Marrakesh community and we expect a commitment to transparency and sustainability from all participants in the Marrakesh community. We ask that shop owners represent themselves, their businesses, and their products fully and accurately. Marrakesh requires all sellers to uphold Marrakesh’s standards of customer service and all of the shop’s policies.

Marrakesh sellers may create their own policies and methods of payments. Sellers alone are responsible for the fulfillment of orders, shipping, responding to customer inquiries and questions. Marrakesh requires all sellers to uphold Marrakesh’s standards of customer service and all of the shop’s policies.

Marrakesh encourages buyers and sellers to resolve any disputes among themselves in as professional manner as possible.

Sellers and buyers who are not acting in good faith, whose products are deemed to not be eco-friendly, or who are not acting within the spirit of Marrakesh’s mission, guidelines, or terms of service may be removed from the community and the member’s privileges may be suspended or terminated. If Marrakesh removes a product listing it is because it was found to be in violation of Marrakesh policy.

To ensure that Marrakesh community continues to be a safe and respectful place for all community members, we ask that you:

  • Use the messaging option to engage in business within the Marrakesh site.
  • Do not use messages to spam or harass other community members or to solicit or arrange purchases outside of
  • Respect other members’ privacy by using the message options to contact sellers about business inquires only and not to pursue other types of interactions outside of the marketplace or for personal reasons.
  • To avoid fraud and protect your own safety and identity, do not share private or personally identifying information in public areas of the site.
  • Do not interfere with other Marrakesh members’ businesses in any way.
  • Be respectful to all community members. Content posted on Marrakesh must not promote, support, or glorify hatred or discrimination.

All Marrakesh shops are independent businesses, and you must be age 18 or older to open a shop.

Marrakesh sellers may create their own policies and are required to post store policies on shipping, returns, exchanges, and refunds. These policies may apply storewide or be created on a per product basis.

Sellers alone are responsible for the fulfillment of orders, shipping, and responding to customer inquiries and questions.

All Marrakesh stores are required to use PayPal for payment processing and to pay the community fees using their PayPal account.

Read Marrakesh’s Terms of Use.

For more about our customer service standards, see below.

If you have a question and don’t find your answer here, you can also check out our FAQs



By opening a shop and listing products with Marrakesh, you are making a huge contribution towards nudging the fashion industry towards sustainability. We are thrilled to have you as a member in the community! Our sellers’ success and our buyers’ satisfaction are critical to community success. Below we have provided a list of guidelines to help you make the most of your Marrakesh store.

Make your storefront standout.

Your Marrakesh store is your public storefront in the Marrakesh community. All stores must upload professional photos of their products. We suggest you really take the time to offer your best products and descriptions, share your story, videos, and photo album. Pick a great name and stick with it!

Make sure to assess market value and an ethical price for your products. Consistency in branding and pricing is key to maintaining the trust and interest of the community.

Maintain a transparent and sustainable shop.

The Marrakesh marketplace is built on transparency, trust, and a commitment to becoming more sustainable. It is crucial that you explain how your products are green using the eco-benefit system as well as providing additional information for each tag selected.

To encourage transparent business practices, we require all of our stores to create and post their policies on shipping, returns, exchanges, refunds, and final sale items. These policies may apply storewide or can be created on a per product basis.

Put eco-benefits on all of your products and explain your tags.

All items listed in your shop must be for sale and be tagged with at least 1 eco-benefit. You will not be able to upload products to your shop if they do not include at least 1 eco-benefit and a description for each tag. For each product impact you choose, you must explain in your own words how the product meets the requirements of this product impact.

Buyers must be able to submit reviews of your product and flag your shop or products if they have concerns about your product impacts.

Represent your products accurately.

Make the product descriptions as specific as possible. These descriptions should include what the product is, how and what it is made out of, who made it, and the materials in the product. Please also include care and washing instructions for each product and the expected life expectancy of the product.

In addition to the product description, all product listings must have at least one product photo. We recommend you use the description and the photos to really show why your products are unique. Photos representing the products should be current and representative of the product.

For any items that are vintage or for upcycling or restoration, please accurately disclose the condition of item and any damage it may have. If items are intended to be purchased for upcycling, please label them as: “material is unwearable.”

If another manufacturer’s parts are included in your product, this should be disclosed in your description of the product. It is the community’s expectation that you work with producers who share the mission and values of the Marrakesh community, whenever possible.

For products labeled with product impacts such as Made in USA, biodegradable, and natural materials, please specify what percentage or parts of the products meet this product impact  description.

Love is a two way street.

We expect you to provide timely, friendly customer service. Our expectations of customer service are that you:

  • Respond to message inquiries from buyers or potential buyers within 72 hours but we’d suggest you aim for a 14-hour turn around time on message inquiries or purchases.
  • Acknowledge each order and thank your customers for choosing your store and product
  • Create policies for your store as a whole and/or on a per product basis that clearly communicate your policies on returns, refunds, exchanges, shipping, and turnaround time for production etc.
  • Honor your store policies.
  • Honor your shipping and processing times.
  • If you cannot meet the timeline you outlined for processing or shipping on a particular order, contact the buyer and We need to know why the processing timeline cannot be met, if you have already contacted the buyer and what the interaction was, whether the buyer finds a new timeline acceptable, and whether you have changed your product processing guidelines in your store.
  • If buyer agrees to a new timeline for processing or shipping, that’s great. If they do not, please issue the buyer a full refund and an apology.
  • If you are unable to complete an order for any reason, please notify the buyer as soon as possible, apologize, cancel the order, and issue a refund.


Respond fully and honestly to questions about your commitment to going green.

We encourage all members of the Marrakesh community to be curious and ask questions. If a buyer (or another seller) does not understand or agree with a product’s eco-tags, they are encouraged to contact the shop.

As a seller, it is your responsibility to respond politely and quickly to all inquiries about how your products are environmentally friendly. Dialogue is encouraged within the Marrakesh community. Please be willing and ready to explain all eco-tags you have attached to your products and be open to questions about them.

As a member of the Marrakesh community, we expect you to abide by the Community Guidelines and our Terms of Use in letter and in spirit. This means a commitment to respect, transparency, honesty and eco-friendly commerce.

Implement a return policy that prioritizes customer service and protects your store.

The Marrakesh community is committed to keeping its buyers happy and satisfied. We take buyers’ satisfaction seriously and consider it part of the responsibilities of the seller community. If a buyer has a concern with a purchase, we ask that the buyer contact the seller directly, describe their concerns, and try to resolve them.

Marrakesh offers buyers returns and refund guarantee:

  • Buyers have up to 2 hours to cancel an order they have accidentally placed but must contact the seller directly, immediately, and within 2 hours or less to do so. Additionally, if a product received by the buyer is materially different from the photos and/or description about it in the store, the buyer will be eligible to seek a return and refund or exchange. Buyers have a 7 day protection period* to contact the seller about returning a product and/or to file a dispute.
  • The 7-day protection period refers to 7 business days from the latest expected arrival date for the product based on the shipping estimate.


Read Marrakesh’s guidelines on returns, refunds, and exchanges. Make sure to specify in your store’s policies the conditions under which you will accept a refund, return, or exchange.

Please visit our FAQ section for answers to the following questions on returns/refunds/exchanges:

  • What happens if a buyer has a concern with a purchase she/he made? 
  • When are items not returnable? And when are returns and refunds not guaranteed? 
  • What conditions must be met for a buyer to be eligible for a refund?
  • Who pays the return shipping fee on returns and exchanges? 


First try and resolve disputes directly.

If there is disagreement about an order, please try to settle the dispute with the buyer directly. In the unlikely event that you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, please fill out our disputes form.

After you submit the form, you will receive an acknowledgement that the form has been received. We aim to respond to dispute reports within 72 hours. If you have questions, you can contact us In the event that a dispute is settled in favor of a buyer, you may be asked to issue a full refund.


By purchasing products through the Marrakesh marketplace, you are helping to support eco-friendly fashion around the world.

Help us support transparent, eco-friendly brands worldwide!

The Marrakesh marketplace is built on transparency, trust, and a commitment to becoming more sustainable. This requires a commitment on the part of sellers. It is also a commitment on the part of consumers in the marketplace to be informed and vigilant about the products they are buying.

Be curious and kind while you ask questions.

We encourage all members of the Marrakesh community to be curious about what’s in the marketplace shops. If you don’t understand why a product has a particular product impact  or think that the seller has not adequately explained his or her products, please contact the seller. We ask that your inquiries be friendly and polite but we encourage you to ask hard questions.

Share feedback.

Buyers should give feedback on products and on shops, if they can. Feedback helps the Marrakesh team and the shop owners improve your experience and respond to any concerns you have.

Help us prevent green-washing.

Our marketplace is founded on transparency and commitment to prevent green-washing. We encourage anyone in the community to reach out to a seller or if needed, to the Marrakesh team at, if you have concerns about green-washing.