Who can sell on Marrakesh?
Any company or person worldwide with ethical or eco-friendly products is eligible to sell their products on Marrakesh. The products must meet the requirements of at least one Eco-benefit. You must be age 18 or older to open a store on Marrakesh. To read more about Marrakesh’s Eco-benefit system, Click here.
Why should I sell on Marrakesh?
Marrakesh is a community that specializes in promoting ethical and sustainable products. We aim to promote transparency in fashion. Our state of the art online vendor platform allows the seller to upload videos and pictures that capture their story and mission as well as advertise their products and shop. We have also created an eco-benefit system to help sellers easily communicate to potential buyers how their products are ethical or eco-friendly.
How do I create a shop?
Opening a store on Marrakesh is easy and fun! First, register to be a vendor and wait for your approval. Then log in using your user ID, click “M” Shop” on the Marrakesh homepage. Then you will be guided through a few easy steps to provide information about the store, a bio or story, and your shipping and return policy. Following this, you will be prompted to sign up for a PayPal merchant account. Once this information is in the system, you are ready to upload products and open your store for business! Don’t forget to tag what eco-benefit(s) your product qualifies for in the “attributes” section.
What should my shop description say?
Your shop description is a shorter version of your About Us page. It conveys your vision for your business and your products and briefly describes what you sell, where you are from, and why you make ethical or eco-friendly products.
What can & can’t be sold on Marrakesh?
All products listed on Marrakesh must be ethical or eco-friendly. Each product listed on the site must qualify for at least one of our eco-benefits. To learn more about Marrakesh’s eco-benefit system, please click here.
What are eco-benefits?
The eco-benefit system enables sellers to label products in order to communicate how the product is ethical or eco-friendly. For consumers, the eco-benefit system helps find products they want to buy and understand what values the product supports.
What if I can’t find the product impact I want for my product?
If you would like a specific eco-benefit for your product that we have not yet listed, please contact us at support@joinmarrakesh.com and explain the eco-benefit you would like added.
What information do I need to include in a product description?
Please be as specific as possible. The descriptions should include what the product is, how it was made and what it is made out of,  as well as who made it. Please also include care and washing instructions for each product and the expected life expectancy of the product.
Can international users sell on Marrakesh?
Yes! Marrakesh is a global marketplace. We welcome creative makers and producers of sustainable goods from across the world. The more diverse, the better our offering can be. This is available as long as they are able to successfully set up an account with PayPal.